The Stark County Park District Rangers have assembled a list of information rules and regulations that all visitors to the park must be aware of. For your safety and enjoyment of our 7,000 acres of natural areas, please observe the following rules and regulations:

Stark County Park District Rules and Regulations (click to view comprehensive list)

  1. All pets must be leashed while on park property, and owners must dispose of pet waste properly.
  2. Camping is not permitted in the Stark County Park District.
  3. Fires are not permitted except in park grills or personally owned grills and only for cooking purposes.
  4. Alcohol is not permitted on park property.
  5. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are not permitted in any area of the park district.
  6. All state fishing regulations apply to the bodies of water within the park district.
  7. Hunting is permitted only in designated areas within the park district, and all state hunting regulations apply.
  8. The speed limit on all park roadways and parking lots is 15 mph.
  9. Swimming is not permitted in any body of water within the park district.
  10. Following is a partial list of actions not permitted within any park: littering; feeding wildlife; removing flowers, shrubs and other property; disorderly conduct; public indecency and nudity; alcoholic beverages; fireworks; camping; posting and distributing signs or advertisements. 
  11. If you have questions for the park rangers or want to report suspicious behavior that you have observed, call the on-duty ranger at 330.353.2377. Always call 911 in an emergency.