300 Hours Outside Challenge

Tired of sitting behind a computer screen or listening to the kids yell at Fortnite? Take it outside! Stark Parks is challenging you to a 300 Hours Outside Challenge. It can be on-your-own, with some friends, or along with the kids.

300 Hours Challenge Logo with Leaping Figure

How it Works?

Take the 300 hour challenge from June to December! Spend 300 hours in the rain or shine and track each hour
below! Fill in each circle for each hour.

Hiking, Fishing, Biking, Canoeing or Kayaking, find a Playground, Geocaching, classic games like Hide and Seek or I spy or make up your own, create a scavenger hunt, fly a kite, or throw a frisbee, baseball, or football.

After completing your challenge, use the form below to submit
your entry for a raffle basket with Stark Parks seasonal opportunities and goodies! Hour tracking is on the honor system.

Deadline for contest entry is December 31, 2021.

300 dots to fill in for hours

Enter the 300 Hours Raffle!

300 Hours Outside Challenge