Ohio Bio Exhibit Now Open

Timeline on wall in exhibit

A new natural history timeline exhibit called Ohio Bio is now open to visitors. Located inside the Canalway Center at the Exploration Gateway, the exhibit shows some of the significant events that impacted the state’s native animal populations. The free exhibit is currently open Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Canalway Center at the Exploration Gateway (Sippo Lake Park-North 5712 12th St. NW, Canton, Ohio).

Making it Personal
Stop at the Information Desk before you begin your journey and pick up a species card with information about one specific animal species native to Ohio. Equipped with your animal species card, follow the animal footprints on the floor through the timeline of Ohio’s natural history and learn how human progress affected the native animals in our area – including your own animal. Find out how your species has fared throughout the last 200+ years of Ohio’s history.

The Past and the Future
What about the future? What does the future hold for your own animal species? Actions we take today will affect the plants and animals we rely on for our own well-being. What would you do to ensure that your animal species’ population remains healthy? Make choices and see possible outcomes of those choices for your own species.

At the end of the exhibit take a fun, animal-dress-up selfie, and grab some information to become a citizen scientist yourself! Then, try the exhibit again! Ohio Bio features 14 different native species to choose from – so go back through again to see how a different species was affected. When you are all done, return your species card to the desk and get a coupon for 10% off a plush animal in the Lily Pad Gift Shop!