Feedback Requested for Quail Hollow Connector Trail Funding

Stark Parks will be applying for Clean Ohio Trail Funds through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in order to develop the Quail Hollow Connector Trail located in the Village of Hartville and Lake Township.

The proposed trail would connect both Lake High School and Middle School properties with a Stark Parks wetland, GentleBrook community development, and Village of Hartville Park eventually connecting to Quail Hollow Park. If awarded, grant funds would cover 75% of total project costs and be awarded in Spring 2024.

Site Plan Map

The Stark Parks Natural Resources Department is working to assess the environmental impacts, and in compliance with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has ensured that there will be no obstruction of habitat regarding the Indiana bat, and that any trees with suitable roosting and brood-rearing habitat will remain untouched. In addition, any necessary permits will be obtained from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Stark Parks is also working with the Ohio Historical Society to make sure that no historic properties are affected by the project.

Public comments on the Quail Hollow Connector Trail will be accepted
March 17 through April 5, 2023.

A Comment Form is located below or feedback can be directed via email to

Quail Hollow Connector Trail Feedback

Quail Hollow Connector Trail Feedback

Please use this form to address any comments, questions, or concerns that you have regarding the proposed Quail Hollow Connector Trail route.