Scout Project Proposals at Stark Parks

Thank you for your interest in performing your Eagle Scout or Gold Award project with the Stark Parks. We encourage you to visit our parks to generate a project idea to propose. Successful proposals identify an area of need to enhance our mission to acquire, preserve, and develop natural areas for passive recreation, conservation, education, and nature appreciation. For example, scouts have created a waterfowl pen at the Wildlife Conservation Center, cut trails through areas, connected trails together, and helped with irrigation to route water off trails.

Please note that not all projects are necessarily a match to park needs and alternative concepts may need to be developed and proposed. We receive more requests for projects than we can realistically place. We do our best to explore if the proposed project meets our needs and let the scout know the decision in a timely manner. The park is not obligated to keep, relocate, or maintain projects longer than deemed necessary by the park. The park determines the useful life of projects and will make the best effort to contact the proper organization when or if a project will be impacted by future plans.

Eagle Scout or Gold Project Request