SPDF 2017 in Stark County, Ohio




What a great time we had sharing how we team up with many different partners to make Stark Parks a fast-growing agency and a great place for residents and visitors.  

We hope you took and continue to take back our ideas and consider them at your agency.   Below you will find notes and presentations from your three day journey across Stark County and Stark Parks.  

Please contact us anytime to continue the conversation!  See you in Charleston, South Carolina in 2018.

Day One Presentations

Exploration Gateway Rentals
FeLeap's Lily Pad Gift Shop
Gift Shop Best Practices
Volunteers at Stark Parks
Programming at Stark Parks
Drone Photography
Canalway Center Exhibit Hall
Wildlife Center Construction
Wildlife Conservation Center
Operations Dept.
Cottonwood Wetland Project
Public Safety Patrols
Magnolia Flouring Mills
Fry Family Park
Exploration Gateway Partnership and BikeSmart

Day Two and Three Presentations

Healthy Adventures Program
East Side Maintenance Operations
Family Special Event Planning
Natural Resources at Walborn Reservoir
Marina Operations at Walborn Reservoir