Be Safe and Courteous on the Trails

Warmer weather brings more people around the parks and enjoying hiking and biking trails across Stark County.    Stark Parks is the Place to Be this year and the Public Safety Department has compiled this list of etiquette and safety reminders:

Safety Tips Sign at TrailheadBe Courteous: Move to the right when stopping on a trail and do not block the trail.  Give an audible or visual signal if you intend to stop, turn, or pass another trail user.  “Passing on your left” is a direct and friendly phrase to use.  Ring your bike bell to allow someone time to move over.  Always look behind and ahead before changing positions on the trail. Pay extra close attention when children and pets are around.

Be Predictable: Walk or ride in a single file line on the right side of a trail.  Slow down in congested areas and be prepared to stop for others.  Fast moving users should yield to slower moving users and everyone should yield to horses and ask permission to pass.

Pets are permitted as long as they are leashed and picked up after.  Keep your pet on a short leash (8  ft. or shorter).  Bring a waste bag with you or grab a bag from the pet stations along trails.  Wear a helmet whenever you ride.  Use extra caution when crossing streets.  Stop at all signs and intersections.  Yield to other users when entering or crossing a trail.

Be Responsible:  Leave valuables at home and do not leave belongings or bags visible in your vehicle.  Put them in the trunk and lock your vehicle!

Be Prepared: Water, sunscreen, bug spray, a small first aid kit, and let someone know where you are at and when you intend to return.  Bring a cell phone and save the Ranger phone number in it.  Rangers are here to help and make sure your visit is enjoyable and safe.  If you need their assistance or to make a report call 330-353-2377.

Be Respectful: Don’t stray from designated trails.  You might get lost and be trespassing on private property.