10 horsepower or under boats are welcome at Stark Parks.  Walborn Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir (electric motors only), and Sippo Lake Park have free public boat launches.

Other good information to know about boating:

  • All boats are required to display current Ohio boating license sticker and Ohio License number.
  • All boats (motorized and non-motorized) on Sippo Lake, Walborn Reservoir, and Deer Creek Reservoir after dark are required to be equipped with the correct navigation lights by the manufacturer. In any case, the lights must be displayed according to the state rules described in the current Ohio Boat Operator's Guide except that non-motorized boats must have permanent lights. All boats must be off the lake 30 minutes before park closing time.
  • All private boats are required to have necessary safety equipment including personal flotation devices (PFDs). Fire extinguishers are required on boats with closed compartments for gasoline motors regardless of whether or not the motor is being used.
  • By Ohio law, children under the age of 10 are required to wear a PFD while on a watercraft under 18 ft. in length.
  • Swimming and alcoholic beverages are not permitted
Boat on Sippo Lake

Boating on Sippo Lake with the Sippo Lake Marina in the background.