Wildlife FAQs

Q: I found an animal that needs help, what do I do now?

Do not handle the animal.  Call the Wildlife Center at 330.477.0448 for instructions or follow the voicemail instructions.

Q: How can I get rid of an animal in my attic/under my porch or shed?

Put a radio in the attic or pointed under your porch/shed.  Leave it on a hard rock station (just loud enough to have a constant sound) for three days and three nights. On the fourth day if the animal is gone, close up any holes to deter more unwanted visitors.

Q: What do I do if my cat/dog caught an animal?

Cat saliva is full of bacteria and can be very harmful to wildlife. Dogs can cause unseen internal injuries if they catch an animal in their mouth. Call the center to bring the animal in to get examined.

Q: I found a bat in my house, what do I do?

If the bat was found in a bedroom overnight with a sleeping child or adult, please call your local health department. Otherwise, close off the room that the bat was found in and open a non-screened window at least two inches. It will find its way out after dark. If this is not an option, wait until the bat is motionless to a place box, coffee can, or similar object over the bat. Take a piece of cardboard and slide it between the object and the surface the bat is on containing the bat. Take it outside and lift the container while holding it about five feet off the ground to allow the bat to fly away. Do not release a bat during the day or during cold/bad weather.

Q: Can I keep a wild animal as a pet?

No.  Wild animals are protected by federal and state laws, making it illegal for anyone to possess them without the proper permits.

Q: Can you help with nuisance animals and trapping?

We can offer a variety of tips to help deter nuisance animals.  Remember that if wildlife do not have suitable shelter or a food sources, they will probably not inhabit an area.  Give us a call for safe solutions!

Q: Can I release an animal at Stark Parks?

No.  Animals cannot be released on park property.