Park & Trail Alerts

Rain, thunderstorms, and flooding can be hard on trails. Visitors are encouraged to check for updates before their visit and to follow all posted trail and parking area closing signs.  For safety reasons, trails are closed to all users while trail crews are using equipment to complete repairs and maintenance.  The following list reflects the most up to date trail closings and construction projects as of  March 18, 2019.

Deer Creek Reservoir

Status Alert: Boat Launch and Parking Lot Construction

A project to construct a new boat launch at Deer Creek Reservoir will close the park until March 25, 2019. Parking lot updates will be made in summer/fall 2019 and will close the park for a short period at that time.

Iron Horse Trail

Status Alert: Future Trail Preparation in Progress

Crews will be cleaning up several areas and clearing brush to make way for the 10-foot-wide bike and pedestrian trail. Tree clearing will end by March 31, 2019. Work will begin on Mount Union’s campus, beginning with clearing brush trees between 11th St. and E. Simpson Street along Union Ave., and between E. Summit St. and E. Broadway St. behind the Rodman Public Library. Once the underbrush removal is complete through this area, grading work will begin to flatten and smooth the trail surface. Some of the trail connections will be made on-road with short segments of concrete or asphalt as they are required and off-road sections will be primarily crushed limestone. Work on this project will continue throughout the summer.

Magnolia Flouring Mills

Status Alert: Mill is Closed During Restoration

Stark Parks received a State Capital grant for $1 million for the restoration of the Magnolia Flouring Mills. Funds will complete extensive enhancements and upgrades to the building. Plans for the project include structural rehabilitation focusing on the foundation, roof, siding, and electric work. The mill is closed during the renovation work. During construction, no tours will be given.

Middle Branch Trail

Status Alert: Trail Closed at 55th St. and Market Ave.

Maintenance work on a gas line will close a portion of the trail March 18 to March 22. Access will not be available between 55th St. and the southern trail split at Veterans Park and 55th St. south to just behind Gervasi during this time. A recent construction project to widen Market Ave. has closed the on-road connection to the Hoover Trail at the Market Ave. and Easton St. intersection. The official closing sign is placed at Stone Crossing St. and Marelis Ave.

Mahoning Valley Trail

Status Alert: Trail Closed at Deer Creek Reservoir

A project to construct a new boat launch at Deer Creek Reservoir will close the park until March 25, 2019. Parking for the trail will not be available and access to the park will be closed during construction.