Park & Trail Alerts

Rain, thunderstorms, and flooding can be hard on trails. Visitors are encouraged to check for updates before their visit and to follow all posted trail and parking area closing signs.  For safety reasons, trails are closed to all users while trail crews are using equipment to complete repairs and maintenance.  The following list reflects the most up to date trail closings and construction projects as of  Jan. 2, 2019.

Deer Creek Reservoir

Status Alert: Boat Launch and Parking Lot Construction

A project to construct a new boat launch and parking lot at the main lot of Deer Creek Reservoir was originally scheduled for fall 2018. Due to heavy precipitation in November, the desired water levels for the boat ramp installation were not achieved and only a portion of the work could be completed. The boat ramp remains in the same condition as it was before the project began. We expect the park to be closed in the spring when the project is rescheduled.

Fry Family Park

Status Alert: Utility Work in January

Intermittent work will begin in January to install a gas line. Please obey construction signs in the park. Construction work near the house continues with the area being closed until construction is complete.

Magnolia Flouring Mills

Status Alert: Mill is Closed During Restoration

Stark Parks received a State Capital grant for $1 million for the restoration of the Magnolia Flouring Mills. Funds will complete extensive enhancements and upgrades to the building. Plans for the project include structural rehabilitation focusing on the foundation, roof, siding, and electric work. The mill is closed during the renovation work. During construction, no tours will be given.

Middle Branch Trail

Status Alert: Market Ave. Construction

Construction on Market Ave. has closed the on-road connection to the Hoover Trail at the Market Ave. and Easton St. intersection. The official closing sign is placed at Stone Crossing St. and Marelis Ave.

Walborn Reservoir

Status Alert: Hunting Season In Progress

Please be aware of archery and gun hunting in areas of the park through Feb. 3, 2019