Park & Trail Alerts

Sippo Lake Park

Status Alert: Wildlife Center Under Construction

A new Wildlife Conservation Center will soon be under construction inside the west entrance of Sippo Lake Park, off of Genoa Ave. NW. A temporary facility operates from Fichtner Park in Hartville. Please call 330.477.0448 if you need assistance with injured wildlife.

Fry Family Park

Status Alert: Under Development

The park is currently only used for park scheduled programming.

Hoover Trail

Status Alert: Nearby Construction

The portion next to Starbucks will be temporarily closed due to nearby construction. The trail will remain accessible north and west of Washington Square. The Middle Branch Trail, directly east of Hoover Trail, will remain open.

Iron Horse Trail

Status Alert: Signage Installation

New directional signage is going up to show the on-road route from Dogwood Trail to Clark Ave.

Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail Park

Status Alert: Trail Closed in Navarre area

The trail will be closed just north of Wooster St. in Navarre until further notice for a construction project next to the trail. Varying trail conditions should be expected until after the trail reopens. Please use caution and be aware of construction equipment in the area. More permanent repairs after recent flooding will be in progress as weather permits.