Park & Trail Alerts

Rain, thunderstorms, and flooding can be hard on trails. Visitors are encouraged to check for updates before their visit and to follow all posted trail and parking area closing signs. For safety reasons, trails are closed to all users while trail crews are using equipment to complete repairs and maintenance. The following list reflects the most up to date trail closings and construction projects as of Feb. 20, 2024.  Expect rough conditions after any flooding or storms.  


Petros Lake Park and Trails

Status Alert: Meadow Trail Closed

The Meadow Trail will be closed until spring while removal of an invasive species, Callery Pear, is in progress.

Sippo Valley Trail

Status Alert: Utility Work Between Alabama Ave. and Ben Fulton Ave.

A utility contractor will be trimming trees between Alabama Ave. and Ben Fulton Ave. through March 2024. Please obey all signage and crew member instructions.

Walborn Reservoir

Status Alert: Fishing Pier Access and Hunting Seasons in Progress

A portion of the fishing pier near the marina is closed due to structural issues. Fishing is still permitted on the open section. There are no benches or cut outs in this area. Several hunting seasons are now underway including Deer Archery Season and Waterfowl Hunting. Trails and boat launch and water access areas remain open during hunting. Please wear bright clothing and use caution while hiking, horseback riding, or boating in the park.

Whitacre Greer Park

Status Alert: No Longer a Public Park as of June 1, 2024

Whitacre Greer Park will no longer be a part of Stark Parks beginning June 1, 2024 when the current lease expires.

Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail Park

Status Alert: Utility Line Work near John Glenn and Towpath Court Trailheads

Users may encounter utility crews working on transmission lines and tree trimming along those lines that cross the trail at John Glenn Grove and near Towpath Court trailheads. Please follow all signage and instructions from the crew.

Mahoning Valley Trail

Status Alert: Rockhill Bypass Closed due to Nearby Construction and Hunting Season

The Rockhill Ave. bypass trail will be closed for several months beginning while construction occurs near the sewer treatment plant. Construction equipment will be in close proximity to the trail for the Rt. 225 bridge removal project between Gaskill and Rt. 225 boardwalk. Please use caution in this area. Please wear bright clothing while hiking and biking the Mahoning Valley Trail during hunting seasons. Private property near the trail does allow hunting.

Tam O'Shanter Park

Status Alert: 2024 Construction and Improvements

Parking lots are aging and the layout doesn’t serve park patrons as well as it could. A Clean Ohio site improvements grant will fund 75% of the cost to upgrade the entrance and parking. Crews will be staking out areas for revised parking lots and driveways, removing and relocating vegetation, and performing some initial grading. The parking lot and driveway construction is anticipated to start this summer and the first phase to be completed by the end of the year. Expect changes to current parking availability as well as changes to some of the temporary trail routes. Jackson Township is beginning construction of the ballfields at Schuring Park. For safety, the green trail will be rerouted to avoid the construction area. Please stay away from the construction area and temporary fencing. Long-term, this area will provide for parking and a future picnic shelter.