Volunteer Opportunities

Searching for an ongoing volunteer project or single day of service?  We are always looking for like-minded lovers of the parks and what they offer the community. Stark Parks has options for community and civic organizations, school groups, scouts, individuals, and church groups.

View our current Volunteer Spotlight features and find out how and why these volunteers enjoy giving back through Stark Parks.

Signs with trail in background

Adopt a Trail Groups

The Stark County Park District’s Adopt A Trail program is a volunteer program providing opportunities for community and civic organizations, school groups, scouts, and church groups to maintain trails and trailheads on a more regular basis. Volunteers can assist in the removal of small debris along the trail including sticks, rocks, limbs, and litter and report any safety problems or hazards. They also maintain flowerbeds and native garden areas at trailheads, parking areas, and facilities.

Long-term Volunteer Opportunities

Stark Parks also utilizes long-term volunteers who are dedicated individuals looking to support us on a regular basis. We view our long-term volunteers as an extension of our staff and rely on them in many areas of park operation. Our volunteers maintain our trail systems, rehabilitate wildlife, and help protect important natural, historic, and cultural resources.  New long-term volunteers are not being recruited at this time.  Please check back in October 2024.

Wildlife Conservation Center Volunteers

cutting up food for wildlife

Volunteers are the backbone of the Wildlife Conservation Center at Sippo Lake Park. They help complete household and minor husbandry tasks so staff are able to spend valuable time giving supportive care to wildlife patients. The patients rely on volunteer help throughout the year. Through observation and training, volunteers will learn cleaning and housekeeping protocols, species specific diet preparation, hygiene and safety protocols, and species identification and facts.

Caring for wildlife is hard work, but very rewarding. Expect to be in all types of weather and physical activity like walking, bending, lifting, and kneeling.

WCC Handbook 



Trailblazer with stark parks vest on smiling next to Trailhead sign on Towpath Trail

Act as goodwill ambassadors and positive role models for park users while on foot, bicycle, horse, or kayak. Trailblazers are also the eyes and ears of Stark Parks at various functions.



FeLeap the Frog Ambassador/Mascot

FeLeap waving with tent in background

Volunteer to portray FeLeap the Frog, the (non-speaking) ambassador mascot of Stark Parks or serve as FeLeap’s assistant during Stark Parks’ events and at community requested appearances. FeLeap makes appearances all year including days, evenings, and weekends



Scout Projects

Scout with Find Me FeLeap sign project

Thank you for your interest in performing your Eagle Scout or Gold Award project with the Stark Parks. We encourage you to visit our parks to generate a project idea to propose. Successful proposals identify an area of need to enhance our mission to acquire, preserve, and develop natural areas for passive recreation, conservation, education, and nature appreciation.

Please note that not all projects are necessarily a match to park needs and alternative concepts may need to be developed and proposed. We receive more requests for projects than we can realistically place and do our best to explore if the proposed project meets our needs and let the scout know the decision in a timely manner.

Existing volunteers can use Volunteer Hub to sign up for opportunities, track hours, or update contact information.