Stark Parks Kids

Stark Parks kidsSometimes kids need their own space and time. Stark Parks has initiated programs to tap into their physical and mental development and budding curiosity.

Registration is required for these popular programs.

Kid's Programs & Hikes

These programs for pre-school and elementary-aged children are typically nature focused with an outdoor hike, craft, or game.  Live and taxidermy wildlife may be used depending on the topic.  The sessions are divided into age groups.


Electronic devices aren’t even a consideration once the kids get into archery!  In archery sessions, learn about the equipment, proper shooting technique, and safety before spending some time working on your skills.  All equipment will be provided. Participants should arrive on time and must wear closed toe shoes.


These annual camps typically happen in the summer and around winter break.  Topics and themes may include wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation, ninja camp, science, and history.  Fees for camps to cover costs of additional supplies.  Age ranges vary depending on the camp.

Kid's Fitness

Join us as we roll, run, and play our way into an activity packed program focused on fun! Action packed games and exercises will keep us moving and playing, you might even forget you are exercising. Grab your water bottle, wear comfortable shoes, and be sure to wear clothes that allow you to move and play in.