Public Safety Department

The Public Safety Dept. or Rangers exist to help you, so don’t be shy about saying hello or reporting any concerns.  Rangers help people enjoy Stark Parks by patrolling on foot, by car, bicycle, boat, and ATV.  

Rangers are commissioned peace officers in the State of Ohio.  

Reach an on-duty Ranger at 330.353.2377.

Two Rangers on Bike Patrol

Meet Gunnar the K-9 Ranger

Gunnar Trading Card

Gunnar, a Belgian Malinois and German shepherd mix, became the first K-9 Ranger at Stark Parks in early 2014.  He is trained in narcotics tracking and detection, search and rescue, suspect apprehension, and article searching.  With his handler, Ranger Crock, Gunnar also appears at many community events just to say hello and receive some extra attention.

Ranger Explorer Program

The program is open to young men and women ages 14 to 21 who enjoy being outdoors, who would like to learn a variety of career leadership and fitness skills, or who might like to pursue a career in law enforcement or park management. 

Bike and watercraft patrol, Ranger ride alongs, firearm and pepper spray safety, jail tours, and field sobriety checks may be included in the experience.

A membership and fees for supplies to participate in the Explorer program is required.   Explorers meet at least twice per month in addition to participating in events during the year.

Please contact the Public Safety Dept. office at 330.477.3609 for more information.