Injured or Orphaned Animals

Call the Wildlife Conservation Center at 330.477.0448 before handling any wild animal that you believe needs help. We will advise you on safety measures, proper containment, and transportation. If the center is not open, follow the voicemail instructions.


Wild animals are protected by federal and state laws, making it illegal for anyone to possess them without proper permits. The Wildlife Conservation Center maintains all necessary permits to care for most native species of wildlife.

In accordance with state regulations, all wild animals accepted for rehabilitation become the property of the State of Ohio.


Does a wild animal need our help?

If you find a wild animal that appears to be sick or injured, look for these signs that it needs help:

  • bleeding
  • shivering
  • broken limb
  • attacked by predator
  • unable to move
  • impact with a vehicle

Parent animals often leave their young for a few hours while they gather food. Bluebird eggs in nestIf you see baby wildlife alone, look for these signs that they need help:

  • Featherless baby birds on the ground
  • Parent animal is confirmed dead or hasn't been seen for an extended period of time

If you see any of the above signs, call the Wildlife Conservation Center at 330.477.0448.


  • Do not touch or move the wild animal until you have confirmed it needs help and called us for instructions.
  • Never give food, water, or milk to a wild animal.
  • If the Center is closed, keep the wild animal in a warm, dark, quiet place. Limit all contact with it, and contact us as soon as we reopen.
  • Never drop off an animal outside the center unattended when the Center is closed.

We do not rehabilitate the following species:


  • European Starlings
  • House Sparrows
  • Pigeons


  • Venomous snakes


  • White tailed deer
  • Adult Skunks
  • Coyote
  • Raccoons 
  • Adult Beaver
  • Bobcats
  • Bear
  • Farm Animals
  • Exotics and Pets

Endangered Species

  • Call us for information on what to do if you find an endangered species.
  • For mammals listed above and endangered species, you may also call your local wildlife officer.  The Stark County number is 330-245-3041
  • More information about Ohio’s endangered and threatened species