Geocaching and Orienteering

A real-life outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices is a great way to describing geocaching. Warning: It can be addictive!

Geocaching and letter boxing placements in Stark Parks are cool with us as long as the Geocache Letterbox Permit Application has been submitted and approved.

Do you think you have explored Stark Parks enough that you are a trail and park expert? Test your confidence, mind, and body with orienteering! Use a topographic map and figure out the best way to get to multiple points while climbing hills, crossing streams, and choosing trails.

On your map are marked locations (control points) that you must visit. Your job is to figure out the best way to get from control point to control point. At each control point you will find an orange and white marker with identifying features that  will prove that you were at the correct location. Remember, just because your path is different doesn't mean you are lost!

Courses are set up several days each year in partnership with the Northeast Ohio Orienteering Club.  Look for them on the Event Calendar.

Introducing Cache a Glimpse, a new Geo Trail launched in Aug. 2023.  Find the hidden caches at different park locations and collect 12 out of 15 code words to win a unique tOAKen as a part of this challenge!  The challenge is set to continue through August 2024.  Head over to the Cache a Glimpse page for the passport and locations.