Hunting Sites

Thank you for participating in the virtual lottery.  Responses are no longer being accepted.  All entrants will be contacted with the result of the random lottery.

General Hunting Information

Hunting is permitted at Walborn Reservoir and Deer Creek Reservoir near Alliance. Ten waterfowl hunting sites are available on the main body of Walborn Reservoir. A permanent accessible blind is located approximately 200 yards from the Reeder Ave. Trailhead. 

Five additional hunting sites are available at Deer Creek Reservoir (electric motors only). Hunting licenses are required. 
All state regulations apply with the following exceptions:

  • Deer hunting at Walborn Reservoir with a firearm is prohibited
  • Waterfowl hunting at Walborn Reservoir between Price St. and Marlboro Ave. is from designated sites/areas only
  • No waterfowl hunting from Walborn Reservoir or Deer Creek Reservoir blinds on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Visit the Ohio Division of Wildlife's hunting regulation webpage for more information.

2020 Early Waterfowl Season

Early goose season runs from Sept. 5 to Sept. 13 and teal season runs from Sept. 5 to Sept. 20, 2020.  The virtual lottery is now over.  A permit and instructions will be emailed for early season beginning Aug. 13, 2020.  

Regular Season Lottery (Online only, no in-person event in 2020)

A virtual lottery will take place in 2020.  Hunters will need to complete the Regular Season Form with contact information and site and period preferences.  Entries will be accepted from Aug. 25 to Sept. 9, 2020. You will be contacted with selections beginning Sept. 10, 2020.

After dates are selected a permit will be issued.  There are no fees involved in obtaining a permit. The permit will be valid for up to two weeks at the blind site of your choosing.   You may bring or build a temporary blind at your permitted site. 

Participants should have the following information:

  1. State ID/Driver's License #
  2. Valid Hunting License
  3. Valid State and Federal Duck Stamp

2020 Hunting Period Dates

Oct. 3 and Oct. 4 is Youth and Military Season

Period 1  =  October 24 – November 1

Period 2  =  November 7 – November 22   

Period 3  =  November 22 – December 6

Period 4  =  December 6 – December 27

Jan. 2 – Feb. 6, 2021 all sites will be open for hunting without a permit, as stated in item #2 below.

Waterfowl Hunting Rules and Regulations

Hunters interested in obtaining a permit to hunt Walborn or Deer Creek Reservoirs will be required to attend a public drawing in September at the Walborn Marina.

1.  Permits will be issued for a period of two weeks.  A hunter can apply for a permit only once on the day of the drawing.  In the case that blind sites remain available after the conclusion of the drawing, a hunter may apply for additional permits by calling 330-479-2359

2. From Jan 1. until the end of the hunting season, all blind sites will be open to hunting without a permit. All established No Hunting zones will remain in effect during this period.  During this period, all blinds used must be removed at the completion of each hunt.

3.  Walborn Reservoir will have ten blind sites and Deer Creek Reservoir will have five.  The accessible blind at Walborn Reservoir will remain available for reservation via permit.

4.  Maximum of 3 persons may hunt each day. The permit is valid for the person listed and up to 2 partners. Partners may differ each day, however the permittee must be present. 

5.  Hunting may occur only from the blind location listed on the permit. Each blind site will be marked on a map provided to you and also marked on the shoreline with a numbered sign. Hunting may only occur within 25 yards of the blind location marker.

6.  All blind sites will continue to be closed to hunting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

7.  You may place or construct a temporary blind at your site no earlier than noon on the day prior to your permit start date. You must remove your temporary blind from your site by noon on your permit end date.  If you are familiar with the next permit holder and wish to leave a temporary blind intact you may do so.  Permittee name must be clearly visible on any temporary blind.

8.  Boat blinds are permitted, however must comply with Rule 5 listed above and be stationed at the blind site.

9.  Litter citations will be issued to any permittee that leaves any litter or waterfowl blind material behind. The permittee is responsible for the complete removal of all blind material and litter including shell casings.

10.  Permit must be in your possession while hunting.

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