Teacher Resources

Stark Parks offers curriculum-based programming for schools (grades K-12) as well as exciting and informative sessions for organized groups including civic and service clubs, seniors, home-schoolers, and pre-schools. These programs focus on a variety of topics centered around nature and wildlife and are designed to be a memorable experience!

Requested programs for your group can be conducted at our park and trail locations or at your site.  Request a program using the button below or call 330.409.8998.

Summer Program Requests (June-August): Will be taken beginning May 1 prior to the summer.

School Year Program Requests (Sept-May): Will be taken beginning July 1 prior to the school year.

Distance Learning

The two-way conversation, referred to as Distance Learning or Videoconferencing programs, can be presented from Stark County to anywhere in North America and around the world.

Presentations include interaction between the presenter and student though illustrations and screen share videos and photos from multiple devices and user locations.  A test call before the program is required to troubleshoot any technical issues. 

Student reading butterfly guide

Field Trips

Field trips can happen at just about any park or trail in Stark Parks.  The most popular park is Sippo Lake Park because the park offers a variety of activities.

Meet at the Exploration Gateway and tour the Congressman Ralph Regula Canalway Center, go for a hike on the Sippo Lake Trails, or explore the Science Lab.  Also on site is the Perry-Sippo Branch of the Stark County District Library.

Activities can be led by Stark Parks or self-guided.

Traveling Trunks

Each portable trunk comes equipped with lesson plans and materials for hands-on learning!  Trunks are loaned to you for two weeks.  Please use the Request a Program form above for Traveling Trunks.

Trunks are available for free to Stark County residents and/or schools.



Bird Wing with poster next to it

Traveling Trunk Topics

Bats and Birds: Learn what makes our uniquely flighted friends similar, yet very different.  This trunk includes interactive games outlining characteristics shared between bats and birds and their extreme differences. The trunk contains field guides for easy identification, making it a perfect companion for nature enthusiasts eager to spot these creatures in the wild. For our younger explorers, it offers a collection of captivating children's books, blending entertainment with education. Whether you're a seasoned naturalist or a curious beginner, this trunk is your passport to an educational voyage through the skies.

Plants and Insects: Plants and insects, they can’t live without one another! This trunk is a gateway to understanding the interconnected web of nature, designed to inspire awe and appreciation for the vital bond between flora and fauna. Educational materials include real insect and plant specimens, informative guides, and charts illustrating ways plants and insects rely on each other for survival, and how the balance of our ecosystem relies on it. For our younger nature enthusiasts, it offers a collection of engaging children's books, weaving tales that bring to life the enchanting world of plants and insects.

Wildlife A&B: Unpack the mysteries and embark on a thrilling adventure of discovery with mammals, birds, reptiles, and other fascinating creatures using wildlife guides. From identifying tracks to understanding behavior, these guides serve as companions for nature enthusiasts eager to unravel the secrets of the animal kingdom. Feel the textures of the wild with mammal pelts, snake sheds, and intricately detailed skulls. These tangible artifacts provide a tactile connection to the incredible diversity of species, allowing you to explore the unique characteristics that make each creature a marvel of nature.