Fry Family Park

Fry Visitor Center

2533 Farber St. SE,, Magnolia, OH 44643

Amazing views inside and outside the Harold S. Fry Visitor Center show off the rolling hills, fields, and wetlands with wildlife and insects all around.  The Visitor Center was originally the home of Harold Fry and was renovated in 2019.  Harold loved the idea that the family home could be used as a community gathering place where others could enjoy the setting and appreciate nature.  The versatile facility hosts field trips with local schools and groups in the wet lab, library, and classroom, programs and events presented by Stark Parks, and spaces for community rentals.

Due to the park’s rural location and limited light pollution in the surrounding area, parking areas at Fry Visitor Center building and the shelter are part of an Urban Night Sky Place certification.   Parking areas feature low color-temperature lights that produce less light pollution and preserve the natural nighttime darkness

Spaces and Rooms
Trainings, baby or wedding showers, anniversary parties, and many other business and social events fit this space nicely.  An arbor and outdoor chairs are available.  Security through Stark Parks Rangers is required for events with more than 100 people or if alcohol is being served.  Overhead projectors and house lighting included with each room.

Can accommodate up to 45 people with seating and cocktail tables indoors and 75 people outdoors on the back patio.

Can accommodate up to 45 people with seating and cocktail tables.  A mounted TV screen for presentations is available.

Fry Family Park is located at 2533 Farber St. SE, Magnolia 44643.  Call 330-479-2359 to set up a tour and learn more about facility reservations.

Preferred Caterers
Our talented list of preferred caterers can provide your guests with a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, or hors D’oeuvres, as well as any bar needs.  They can also assist you in reserving linens, chair covers, and other accessories.  Vendors or caterers outside of this list required approval before serving on site.

Fry Visitor Center Rental

Fry Visitor Center Rental

Use the form to tell us more about your event and to schedule a tour or call
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