Park & Trail Alerts

Rain, thunderstorms, and flooding can be hard on trails. Visitors are encouraged to check for updates before their visit and to follow all posted trail and parking area closing signs. For safety reasons, trails are closed to all users while trail crews are using equipment to complete repairs and maintenance. The following list reflects the most up to date trail closings and construction projects as of  Feb. 27, 2022.  Expect rough, but passable, conditions after any flooding.  

Middle Branch Trail

Status Alert: Trail Detour near Market Ave. Tunnel

Construction in the Fountains at Edgewood development will require the Middle Branch Trail to be rerouted in 2023 as the housing development is completed. Portions may be temporarily on-road. Please follow all Trail Continues signs as the route changes between the Market Ave. Tunnel and Stone Crossing St. The current route: right onto Southbrook Cir NE, left on Boulder Creek Ave NE, and left on Stone Crossing St. NE where the trail resumes on-road. Brush clearing along the trail by a utility contractor will take place beginning Feb. 27 for several weeks between Southpointe Cir. and Martindale Rd.

Walborn Reservoir

Status Alert: Hunting Seasons in Progress

Several hunting seasons are underway. Trails will remain open during hunting. Please wear bright clothing while hiking and horseback riding in the park.

Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail Park

Status Alert: Towpath Trail Closure in Massillon

An ongoing levee project near the Tuscarawas River in Massillon by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will impact travel for an extended period. The Towpath Trail is closed between Warmington Rd. and Lake Ave. The trail access ramps at Lincoln Way and Tremont will also be unavailable while construction occurs in the area. Please obey all construction and safety signs and be cautious of unpredictable trail conditions.

Mahoning Valley Trail

Status Alert: Rockhill Bypass Closed due to Nearby Construction and Hunting Season

The Rockhill Ave. bypass trail will be closed for several months beginning while construction occurs near the sewer treatment plant. Construction equipment will be in close proximity to the trail for the Rt. 225 bridge removal project between Gaskill and Rt. 225 boardwalk. Please use caution in this area. Please wear bright clothing while hiking and biking the Mahoning Valley Trail during hunting seasons. Private property near the trail does allow hunting.

Tam O'Shanter Park

Status Alert: 2023 Construction

Parking lots are aging and the layout doesn’t serve park patrons as well as it could. A Clean Ohio site improvements grant will fund 75% of the cost to upgrade the entrance and parking. Crews will be staking out areas for revised parking lot and drives in March, removing and relocating vegetation, and performing some initial grading. The parking lot and driveway construction is anticipated to start this summer and the first phase to be completed by the end of the year. Expect changes to current parking availability as well as changes to some of the temporary trail routes, particularly the west or “blue” loop trail.