New Stark Parks Logo and Updated FeLeap the Frog Mascot Unveiled

A new Stark Parks logo is being debuted to better reflect the park mission and create more consistency throughout the organization. The last true redesign occurred over 25 years ago when “FeLeap” was introduced as part of the logo. FeLeap the Frog will still very much a part of Stark Parks as an ambassador! (More below on his role)

Stark Parks logo with leaf and border

Executive Director Dan Moeglin stated, “The community and staff provided thoughtful insight on what our brand should represent and we listened. I am very excited about the updated look of our new logo and how it will adapt to each of our parks, facilities, and publications. While FeLeap will no longer be part of our logo, for those like me that have a strong affinity for FeLeap, he won’t be going away. His role will be elevated to an ambassador for the Parks. He may even be seen with his fishing equipment, or running gear, or dressed in his Santa hat at holiday events. FeLeap, like the parks as a whole, will adapt to the activities of the day.”

The initiative to update the brand started with feedback from a community survey and five internal and external focus groups. The overwhelming message supported the need to evolve the popular brand icon “FeLeap” to an ambassador of Stark Parks rather than just the logo design.  FeLeap was created in the late 1990s with several iterations over the last two decades. He will continue to actively appear at park and community events.

The logo change includes a new design, bolder colors, and an updated font. The colors were selected for their relevance to the colors found in the vegetation, trees, and water in the parks. The new brand provides greater versatility and can be adapted to a variety of settings/uses.

New Logo Symbolism

A white oak leaf is a symbol of the parks. White oaks are strong majestic trees that provide habitat, shade, and food for wildlife. The white oak tree is a native species to Stark County and graces many of our parks. In North American culture, the white oak is a historic symbol of peace, calmness, serenity, and even rebirth. These are attributes that Stark Parks strives to provide. Just as the grand white oak sprouts from a small acorn, so has Stark Parks sprouted from a humble beginning over 56 years ago to become the incredible community asset that it is today. 

Next Steps and Transition

The logo change will be implemented over a few years including updating materials and signs at various park locations. The most immediate change will be to digital elements and merchandise available.