Lindy Anastis

Woman smiling with lake in background

Friends of Stark Parks Trustee

Lindy Anastis and her husband, Dan, enjoy chasing hot air balloons, running half marathons, and hiking/running with their Jack Russell named Leo. All three are members of the Healthy Adventures program.

Lindy worked for the Canton City School District for 35 years; retiring in 2017 from the Data and Assessment Department. She volunteers with the Stark Parks as a Trailblazer and a Volunteer for many programs and community activities that go on throughout the park district.
Lindy was honored to be named a Rising Star Volunteer Award in 2022 given to individuals in their first three years of a being a volunteer.

She brings a commitment of time and energy to support projects that everyone can enjoy throughout Stark Parks.

She visits many parks locations for hiking and running for enjoyment and race training, with her most frequent locations being Sippo Lake Park, Petros Lake Park, and the Towpath Trail. Sippo Lake parkrun, a free 5K that happens every Saturday morning, is her favorite event.  When she isn't running the course, she is volunteering somewhere along it!