Introducing Healthy Adventures Kids

Inspire your children to love the outdoors and enjoy a family friendly activity!  

Introducing....Healthy Adventures Kids!  A club geared for ages 5 to 11. 
Your goal is to is to hike (50 miles), run (75 miles), and/or bike (100 miles) anywhere. (Includes neighborhoods, sidewalks, fields, private property with permission)  You may complete miles on your own, with a group, or at a Stark Parks program to help you reach your goal from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.  Swag bags are not included in the Kids program.  Register using the 2022 Registration Button below.

Healthy Adventures

Welcome!  Be one of the proud who can say, “I hiked, biked, or ran all around my Stark Parks” by challenging yourself to one or more of these healthy adventures!   Whether your goal is 50 or 500 miles, we welcome you to join us or log miles on your own! 

When you register to become a Healthy Adventures member, you are automatically in all three clubs. There is no requirement to log miles in all clubs. Choose the activity (hiking, biking, running) and log your miles accordingly in the appropriate club column.  See the video for more instructions.

All three Healthy Adventure clubs can record ALL mileage completed ANYWHERE.  (That includes neighborhoods, sidewalks, fields, private property with permission)  If you are logging your miles outdoors, enter them as you normally would using the buttons below. 

Questions?  Contact Samantha Reilly at sreilly"at"

2021 Wrap Up

The deadline for 2021 mileage entry was Sunday, January 9, 2022.  The 2021 awards will be a lot different this year, in hopes to eliminate waste. We will offer 5-10 raffle baskets that members can put their names in for a chance to win. Remember, the leather key fobs are only for those members that reach the club goal mileage. You will be able to pick the fobs up at the Exploration Gateway in late January 2022. More information about the fobs and raffles will be released soon.

2022 Healthy Adventures Registration

NEW IN 2022:

Concept of shoulder bag  Pet bowl with clip
Instead of the t-shirts, you will receive a swag bag filled with goodies. Have a furry friend? Sign your dog up and receive a collapsible water bowl. All materials are first-come-first-serve basis due to limited supplies.

Save the Date: Saturday, February 26 – Drive-thru kick-off event at Quail Hollow Park from 10a-2p.

We encourage you to register for 2022 online, but you will have the opportunity to join Healthy Adventures the day of the event.  During the pickup, you will have to opportunity to meet the staff leaders, ask questions about the club(s) and pick up your hiking bag.

If you have any questions please contact Samantha Reilly at

Printed Form for mail in with check.

hiker, runners, and biker with trees around them

View the approved KSU Stark Campus Trail Map.  (Use Campus Loop Trail in Mileage Form)

Campus Loop Trail Map

Hike-a-Hundred Logo_transparent100 miles on foot is quite a feat!

Just think about an average of two miles a week and you reach the goal! The miles fly by once you get going, especially if you join in on our fun group hikes.


Running Stark LogoRunning 150 miles in Stark Parks should provide different scenery or a chance to find new and undiscovered areas.  Since we manage just over 100 miles of trails, you won't have to see the same areas too many times or maybe you will be able to run them in your sleep!


Lets Ride LogoYou will appreciate the places your bike takes you and how comfortable, or uncomfortable, the seat is while achieving this 250-mile goal.  Enjoy your time on the wheels breezing down the trails.


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