Ranger Cadet Program

The Stark Parks Ranger Cadet program is an opportunity for young adults to experience real-life situations related to wildlife laws, natural resource enforcement, and the safety of the public. Ranger Cadets also learn a variety of career leadership and fitness skills.

The program offers men and women ages 15 to 20 the possibility to explore Stark Parks, trails, and lakes from the perspective of a Stark Parks Ranger. Learn about enforcing natural resource laws by patrolling parks with ride-alongs, bike patrol, and watercraft. Participants will get the chance to be a part of Stark Parks' programs and events by ensuring the safety of park patrons and promoting Stark Parks.

A membership and fees for supplies to participate in the program are required.  Meetings are held at least twice per month in addition to participating in events during the year.

Please contact the Public Safety Department office at 330.353.2377 for more information.

Cadets on bikes with Ranger vehicle at Lock 4_TT