Volunteer Spotlight: Al

Al posed in front of Sippo Lake

Al Eibel, Wildlife Nest Box Volunteer

An important behind the scenes volunteer opportunity that provides data and research and a regular check up on some local wildlife is a commitment.  Luckily, Al Eibel is a member of that volunteer team and brings a lot of knowledge and interest as a Nest Box Volunteer.  He maintains the nest boxes at Molly Stark Park and Quail Hollow Park by regularly checking what species is inhabiting the box and if there were eggs or offspring in the box.  Maybe even evicting a mouse nest or non-native species if needed!  This information provides a snapshot of the conservation efforts in those areas and what can still be done to attract the desired species. 

A volunteer since 2009, Eibel helped establish nest boxes at Molly Stark Park for Eastern Bluebirds.  He enjoys the quiet relaxing time as he strolls between boxes and identify the other birds he sees and hears along the way.  His commitment includes repairing boxes when necessary, which is not a requirement of the opportunity.  Because of Al’s efforts, a total of 8 active Eastern Bluebird nests, 6 active Tree Swallow nests, and 42 active House Wren nests are present.  The equipment is a throwback to simple times; just a clipboard and pen to mark the observations and nest activity. 

Al has also helped band birds and is certified to do so.  Birds are carefully caught in a net, identified, banded with a small ring on their leg, studied, and then released.  The band number is unique and location and migration can be determined among other details.  His favorite memory was helping band American Kestrels, Great Horned Owls, and Peregrine Falcons over the years.