Volunteer Spotlight: Donna

Donna smiling with Sippo Lake Trail in background

Donna Moore, Trailblazer and Event Volunteer

The connection with volunteering at Stark Parks started over 20 years ago for Donna Moore and when life and job changes happened, volunteering was there again.  As a Trailblazer, Donna is an advocate for Stark Parks while on the trails.  She reports safety issues like downed trees, hands out maps, and answer questions from visitors.  She also assists at public programs presented by Stark Parks and helps at outreach opportunities in the community. 

Donna feels that we are fortunate to have so many trails, each with a different experience.  Volunteering gets her out to these trails and a chance to meet and share about the parks with others.  She enjoys talking with others who have a passion for the outdoors and always learns something new after volunteering. 

Her favorite parks are Quail Hollow Park and Walborn Reservoir because of the close feeling to nature at both locations.  If time is short, Sippo Lake Park and Petros Lake Park are her go-to locations because of a shorter drive time and the variety of trail surfaces and habitats.  Moore said, “Hiking in the snow at both of these parks is invigorating and the winter wonderland is the perfect escape.  I hiked almost every day during 2020 to try and stay active.” 

If you see Donna on a trail or at an event, we look forward to hearing what she encouraged you to try and how it went!