Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff

man looking stoic with lake and trees in background

Jeff Hughes, FeLeap, Wildlife Conservation Center, Trailblazer, Kayaking, Special Events

Mr. Versatile might be the best nickname for Jeff Hughes, who first started volunteering with his daughter at the Wildlife Conservation Center years ago.  His Information Technology job by day has him sitting more than he would like, so volunteering with Stark Parks motivates him to be active and on the move in the community. 

Jeff encourages new and potential volunteers to be open to all facets of volunteering at Stark Parks because there is so much variety and many chances to get outside.   His time at the Wildlife Conservation Center is memorable because he was always interested in raptors and the chance to work with live animals and especially the American Kestrel was a great opportunity to do that.  He enjoys seeing kids get up close to wildlife and ask question about who lives in the wild around them.