Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy

Woman standing next to horse holding reins
Kathy and Jaz, Trailblazer Volunteer

Kathy Sailer and her horse, Jaz had a negative experience on the Towpath Trail in the Navarre area in spring 2021. A bicycle approached very fast from the rear without announcing and asking for permission to pass scaring the eight year old horse and throwing Kathy to the ground. Jaz took off at a full gallop back to the barn, located a short distance from the trail.   Kathy was left with a bruise on her thigh and soreness that took four months to heal. 

Thankfully, Kathy and Jaz used that day as an opportunity to help others know the rules of the trail and make sure everyone’s experience is safe and positive.  Because a horse isn’t a common sight on many trails, Kathy became a Trailblazer volunteer and promotes the best way to interact with horses and their riders.  

Their favorite place to ride is Walborn Reservoir in the Alliance area because of the variety of trails, water crossings, and open areas.  Heading to the park is a commitment and cross-county trip too!   It requires some effort to load up and stock the trailer, fuel costs, and drive time. 

They most frequently visit the Towpath Trail in the Navarre area and welcome the opportunity to say hi and meet you!