Volunteer Spotlight: Chuck and Peggy

couple smiling with lake in background

Chuck and Peggy Nunley, FeLeap and Trailblazers

Wearing the FeLeap the Frog mascot costume and green tights takes some time and the right personality, but the popularity of the frog brings high fives, hugs, pictures, and waves.  Chuck and Peggy leaped right into volunteering with Stark Parks in 2008 as Trailblazers and FeLeap.  The couple finds time to head out to the Towpath Trail and Quail Hollow Park for trailblazing and portraying FeLeap at countless community events and Stark Parks sponsored events.  This is impressive considering they also volunteer for a handful of other local agencies! 

They admit they didn’t realize the magnitude of FeLeap appearances at first.  His demanding schedule includes festivals, parades, senior homes, fishing derbies, car shows, and 5k walks and runs to name a few.  One of the reasons that FeLeap is so popular is because of outgoing volunteers like the Nunleys who make it their goal to help people and put a smile on their faces.  FeLeap doesn’t speak, so motions and movements make the initial interaction.  The couple remarks, “Once the parents or children start talking, they share what they love about the parks, frogs, where they have seen FeLeap before, or a little about their own story.  That interaction is usually followed by a Thank You for being here or doing this and that makes it all worthwhile.”

Chuck has also put on a red and white suit around the holidays for several events to hear young visitor’s wish lists!